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Do you have a large dog like a labrador, husky, or pitbull and struggle to find the right leash for them? We get it, your little puppy grew a lot faster than you expected. Now, your thin, retractable leash just isn’t getting the job done. The message is in the name – BigDogLeash. We tailor our design around BIG dogs, just like yours! Of course, you want to give them the care and love they deserve so why not begin with providing them with the perfect rope dog leash?  Make your pals favorite part of the day personal with the perfect leash! BigDogLeash’s durable rope leashes are multi-purpose and come in various colors, lengths, and diameters to accommodate any dog size. Take a look at some of our rope dog leash options Here.

A Change in Behavior

Contrary to other dog leash brands, BigDogLeash puts an unsurpassed emphasis on our unique brand, U.S.A made leashes, and unmatched quality.  We notice a change in our customers’ buying behavior based on their generation. Millennials exhibit unique qualities in their buying behaviors compared to other generations. Overall, research found that more millenials are buying pets as opposed to settling down with a family. With that being said, they tend to put their pets first in a lot of circumstances. A study by Wakefield showed that 86% of millenials are more likely to splurge on items for their pets rather than themselves. Because of their overwhelming love for their dog, they are less price sensitive to spending money on their pets for high-quality products. Of all factors, millenials care that there is a unique brand image that stands out among all others, and the product is natural, hypoallergenic, BPA-free, and made in the U.S.A.

So, what makes our leashes perfect for your labrador, husky, or pitbull? Keep reading, and you’ll find out!

Our Brand – Why Choose BigDogLeash?

BigDogLeash has a brand that emphasizes our pure quality and love for pets in everything we do. Our love for dogs, whether it is for a labrador, husky, or pitbull, is our main focus as a company. With love, comes the highest possible quality in our leashes.

Our brand image is subtle and unique to those who care about the quality and country their pet products are made. Because all of our leashes are made exclusively in the U.S.A., our customers feel a sense of comfort in us knowing they are supporting American workers. Not only are our products make in the United States, but up to 20% of our sales are donated back to local humane and rescue shelters. We don’t just care about your dogs, but we also care about the dogs that are still trying to find their forever home.

Our Unparalleled Quality

Our customers have expressed their overwhelming focus on the quality of products they purchase for their pets. This is good news for BigDogLeash because our rope dog leashes are made of the finest materials and are optimal for any sized dog – especially huskies, labradors, and pitbulls.

What sets our leashes’ quality apart from competitors?

All of our leashes are handmade from 100% polyester braided rope which makes it not only durable but one of the strongest rope dog leashes in the industry. There are no harmful or toxic chemicals associated with our leashes in any way. They are 100% nontoxic to humans and dogs alike. The leashes are handcrafted and designed specifically for those sometimes rough walks or hikes with your labrador. Each leash is equipped with a nickel plated side clasp and release hook to secure your large dog with ease. The sturdy looped handle design is to ensure even the strongest pitbull will not get away from you. With this combination of qualities, BigDogLeash is a huge competitor in the industry of unique, high-quality, and detailed rope dog leashes.

Not only are our leashes built with quality and ease of use, but they are customizable to your dog’s’ specific size. We give you the option to choose the best size leash for your dog by deciding between a 5, 6, or 10-foot long leash. Do you have a bigger dog like a labrador and need a thicker leash to accommodate those harsh tugs? BigDogLeash lets you choose the diameter of the leash – either 8.6mm or 12.4 mm (better for large dogs).

Make BigDogLeash Your First Choice in Leashes for Your Labrador, Husky, or Pitbull

We understand that as dogs grow, sometimes more than we expect, that comes with adjustments. Your thin leash won’t work as well as it once did. Throw that worn and smelly leash away, and order one of our reliable and durable rope leashes! We offer 15 unique colors and patterns to suit any personality. Not to mention, all shipping is FREE! Do you still need convinced? Check out some of our favorite leashes!