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Do you ever think your dog is destructive, depressed, or extra whiny? If you answered yes, there’s a pretty good chance they’re just bored. Like most of us humans, dogs get bored when they aren’t doing activities throughout the day. However, unlike us, dogs are pretty limited in what they can do to entertain themselves. Think about it, they don’t have a job to go to for eight hours a day, and they can’t go for a walk or run on their own. Basically, we are their primary source of entertainment, dictating their eating, playing, and exercising schedules. A lot of consequences come with a bored dog. Here are four signs that your dog is bored, and possible solutions that are fun, simple and effective.

1. Attention Seeking Behavior | Barking or Whining

Dogs are certainly not shy when it comes to letting you know that they’re bored. They know exactly how to get our attention, and barking at you works exceptionally well. Some dogs don’t even bother with the whining or barking; they’ll get right up in your face, or onto your lap. Attention seeking behaviors are a good indicator that your dog is bored and looking for something to do.

Make Sure You and Your Dog Have a Daily Routine

The way to manage attention seeking dogs is by implementing a daily routine. It’s amazing how well dogs like schedules; morning walks, afternoon naps, dinner at 5 PM, and an evening stroll before bed. Dogs are creatures of habit, and by providing them with a consistent daily routine, they know what’s expected of them. By feeding our dogs at the same time every day, we give them security; they don’t have to worry about when they’ll get their next meal. And the same is true for activities and exercise; a consistent routine will teach your dog when it’s time to play, walk, and relax. Dogs love having a routine, and finding a routine that works for you and your dog is critical.

2. Follows You Around | Velcro Dog Syndrome

Does your dog follow you around everywhere? It may be due to boredom. As previously stated, we’re our dogs main source of entertainment; we make all those big decisions like when it’s time to go to for a walk or run. Not all dogs who follow you around are doing so out of boredom. Some dogs just enjoy being close to their owners, and some dogs have been bred to be dependent. It’s up to you to decide if you find it endearing, or if you’d rather encourage independent behaviors.

Make Sure to Provide Your Dog With Enough Exercise

If your dog gets excited every time you get up, it’s time to figure out why they’re getting so pumped up. Chances are they have some excess energy to burn off. Start off by answering some initial questions:

  • Does your dog get enough physical exercise throughout the day?
  • Do they have some mental stimulating toys and activities to do throughout the day?
  • Do you take your dog for a walk at least once a day?
  • Is walking your dog considered easy and simple?

If you have answered no to any of this questions, the chances are that your dog is in need of some physical & mental exercise.

Exercise is such an important part of your dogs routine, and for most of our dogs, it’s the part of the day where they get to go out and explore and see what’s going on in the outside world. However, if your walks are a constant game of tug-of-war, exploring the world can provide concerns for you and your dog. BigDogLeash offers durable rope dog leashes are crafted and produced in the USA, using 100% Polyester braided rope. Each rope leash features a nickel-plated side clasp with easy release hook and a looped handle for better grip of your leash while teaching your dog how to go for a walk properly. With the help of BigDogLeash, keep your dog from getting bored every day and make sure you’ve provided them with enough physical exercise.

3. Destructive Behavior

If dogs don’t have toys to entertain themselves with, or activities to preoccupy their time with, they’ll end up getting into things they shouldn’t. Excessive chewing, barking, and digging are all destructive behaviors often caused by doggy boredom. Behaviors potentially including:

  • Chewing up shoes  
  • Digging up the garden
  • Getting into the trash
  • Barking at every squirrel or insect that walks by

To prevent destructive behaviors, we need to give our dogs something constructive to do. Never focus on punishment. Instead, focus on teaching them what is right and wrong by giving them activities that they are allowed to do. It’s our job to teach our dogs about what’s acceptable and encourage good habits.

Try Mental Games and Physical Activities

When dogs are younger, they always seem to be getting into mischief. To stop them from tearing up the house, yard, or their cage, you must give them something mentally stimulating to do. While many behavioral problems stem from boredom, the answer isn’t necessarily just adding in more physical exercise. When it comes to mental stimulation, it doesn’t take much to tire them out. Implement fun, yet mentally challenging activities such as:

  • A food puzzle
  • A toy stuffed with frozen treats
  • Chasing bubbles

Little activities as stated above might not seem like much, but to our dogs, they’re mentally exhausting. We’ve all heard that a tired dog is a good dog – but it’s about more than just physical exercise. A right combination of physical & mental activity is what helps keep our dogs happy and entertained. It’s easy, inexpensive, and fun.

4. Listless | Depression

Dogs, specifically puppies, are generally playful, energetic, happy, and full of curiosity. However, a lethargic dog is inactive and appears tired or sleepy all the time. As you can imagine, there are a lot of reasons that can make a dog sluggish. Some reasons may not be too serious–it may be that the dog is just feeling a bit under the weather, or bored. On the other hand, your dog may lie there or act listless to severe depression that came from some things like trauma, resentment, and isolation. They may feel as if there is no end to their boredom.

Don’t Forget Playtime in the Yard with a Durable Rope Dog Leash

When dogs seem lethargic, depressed, and sluggish, they need help and motivation. The best thing to do for your dog is to go outside and play fetch with them. Play with the hose. Bubbles. Anything that helps build up their excitement, and give them the energy they’re lacking. Don’t let the fun stop there either. Keep them outside with their favorite toys while you’re getting ready for work. It is as simple as putting them on a heavy duty rope dog leash and letting them have some fun. With BigDogLeash’s hardworking employees inspecting every big dog leash for quality, ensuring strength and durability, you can confidently allow your dog to play outside without fear of them breaking free. Our durable rope leashes are multi-purpose and come in various colors, lengths, and diameters, making our leashes perfect for your husky, labrador, or pitbull.